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The Scoop on Protein Supplements

  Getting enough protein after your surgery is essential. Your protein targets will differ from other people and you are best asking your surgeon or bariatric dietitian what you need to aim for. Sometimes it can be difficult meeting protein targets and you’re told to supplement with a protein powder to boost your intake. There can be a million protein supplements to choose from so we've put together a basic guide on protein. There are many protein powders out there, some more palatable than others (it really comes down to personal taste) but ideally choose a protein powder that will give you a decent amount of protein per scoop especially if it’s making up part of your food / kilojoule...

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13 Goals to focus on after Surgery Other than the Scales

Have you ever gotten on the scales after being so good during the week and it hasn't moved or worse, it's gone up? It happens to everyone and while it can be disappointing, it's completely normal to have weeks there that nothing happens so expect it once in a while. When it happens, rather than dwell on the disappointment, focus on your other goals and working on your nutrition and exercise routine. What other goals I hear you say...? It's important to have several goals after surgery. In fact the more the merrier! I've had patients tell me that they start a big goal list and tick things off as they go throughout their whole weight loss journey, that way...

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Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites with Protein & Fibre Recipe

Looking for a healthy snack idea that will help you boost your protein and fibre intake? Try these chocolate fudge brownie bites with added protein and fibre. The protein is boosted using the Cyborg BCAA WPI whey protein powder as this has 30g protein per scoop. You can purchase this on our shop by clicking here: Cyborg protein. Fibre is boosted using chia seeds, psyllium husks, dates and banana. Makes 30 bites (have 1-2 as a snack) Ingredients ¾ cup oat flour (traditional oats processed in a food processor to a powder) ½ cup almonds (ground into meal in food processor) ½ cup walnuts (ground into meal in food processor) 3 scoops Cyborg BCAA Enhanced WPI 100% Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate...

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