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5 After - Surgery Goals to Work on in 2017

At this time of the year, many make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. While deciding to do something is nice, we all know what can happen to resolutions a couple of weeks down the track… After having bariatric surgery you generally are losing weight and while this is great, there’s a lot to think about in the post surgery ‘after life’ so to speak. After surgery, it is difficult to eat much and so you need to be choosy about your food choices to get the nutrients you need each day. You should also start exercising (if able to) to maintain muscle mass and improve cardiovascular health. Not getting adequate nutrition can affect not only your weight loss and long-term...

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10 Exciting Ways to use your Protein Powder

Have you brought protein powder? Many have, but sometimes after several days of the same flavoured protein shake having had many weeks earlier on drinking meal replacement shakes, yet another milkshake makes your stomach churn…Or you're simply bored of protein shakes or that particular flavour! Well, don’t fear, we’ve got 10 great ideas to help you get your protein and keep it interesting too! (Note: you can split your scoop of protein up into different foods during the day and do not have to have it all in one go.) Try these tips: Add a milkshake based protein powder e.g. Cyborg WPI Protein Powder it to water or milk (generally this is what is advised on the directions but make...

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5 Essential Eating Habit Changes to Work on after Surgery

Having bariatric weight loss surgery is not an easy choice as often thought by onlookers. Rather post surgery, it's more essential than ever to make changes to your eating habits and exercise habits if you want to lose the weight, keep healthy and keep the weight off long term.  Those who have had surgery know that if changes to eating habits are not made, not only could weight loss or long term weight maintenance by affected but also health. For example if you reduced your portion size of unhealthy foods and tolerate them then you can still cheat the system by eating all the wrong things in smaller portions. And while initially weight loss will happen to some extend, long-term...

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