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13 Goals to focus on after Surgery Other than the Scales

Have you ever gotten on the scales after being so good during the week and it hasn't moved or worse, it's gone up? It happens to everyone and while it can be disappointing, it's completely normal to have weeks there that nothing happens so expect it once in a while. When it happens, rather than dwell on the disappointment, focus on your other goals and working on your nutrition and exercise routine. What other goals I hear you say...? It's important to have several goals after surgery. In fact the more the merrier! I've had patients tell me that they start a big goal list and tick things off as they go throughout their whole weight loss journey, that way...

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8 Weight Loss Goals other than the Scales

Have you ever gotten on the scales and it hasn't budged for 2 weeks despite your best attempts to lose weight?  We've all been there and after bariatric surgery, no movement on the scales can be not only frustrating but also disheartening or even devastating. But during every weight loss journey there will be weeks where we stick to the weight loss plan yet the scales doesn’t move. Sometimes it could be something we've changed and we are unaware of it, other times we need to make certain changes to get it going again, but in general sometimes you'll just have a few weeks there that the body almost takes a vacation from weight loss and nothing happens despite your best efforts....

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