13 Goals to focus on after Surgery Other than the Scales

Have you ever gotten on the scales after being so good during the week and it hasn't moved or worse, it's gone up?

It happens to everyone and while it can be disappointing, it's completely normal to have weeks there that nothing happens so expect it once in a while. When it happens, rather than dwell on the disappointment, focus on your other goals and working on your nutrition and exercise routine.

What other goals I hear you say...? It's important to have several goals after surgery. In fact the more the merrier! I've had patients tell me that they start a big goal list and tick things off as they go throughout their whole weight loss journey, that way they see progress in the big things and the little things.

So take the time now to write down at least 5 other goals that you will be working towards after surgery. This is your personal goals. You can write down as many as you like. Regularly review your list and tick off goals that you have reached as well as write down new ones. Keep this as an interactive list that you keep updating over time. You may like to stick your list on the fridge, keep it in a private diary or plug it into your phone, computer or tablet.

Need some goal inspiration? Here’s 13 great goals to consider (write them down with a target in mind):

  1. Feeling better and more energetic (could list an activity you are able to now do)
  2. Being able to walk around or up and down stairs without getting puffed
  3. Throwing away the walking stick if you currently use one (on advice of your health professional of course)
  4. Getting into an exercise routine that you keep up or being able to do more exercise (set a goal target of number of sessions per week or minutes you'll do and increase goal over time)
  5. Eating healthier e.g. less processed foods, more vegetables, lean proteins and high fibre foods (list a few and tick off as you meet goals)
  6. Drinking at least 2 litres fluids particularly water each day (set smaller fluid goals 
  7. Improvement in health e.g. reduced blood pressure, cholesterol or better blood glucose control in diabetes
  8. Reduction in medication or coming off certain medications
  9. Drop in clothes size or notch on the belt e.g. going from a size 20 to 14.
  10. Feeling more comfortable to go to the beach or pool in your swim wear
  11. Being able to go on holidays and walk around sight seeing more easily
  12. Getting the confidence to do something you’ve avoided for a long time (insert the thing you’ve avoided)
  13. Sleeping better or through the whole night or no longer snoring or no longer needing the C-PAP machine.