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Non-Flavoured Protein Powder Range

Need to increase your protein intake but are not keen on drinking 'protein milkshakes'? Then don't! Protein powder comes in various varieties so you don't have to force down a vanilla or chocolate milkshake if that isn't your thing. Protein powders also come in 'non-flavoured protein powder' and 'protein cordial/ water powders or ready to drink waters'. We range both on our online shop. Today we'll mention the non-flavoured protein powders. We have 3 brands of non-flavoured protein powders on our site, these are: Boomers Whey Protein Isolate Protein Powder (dairy based) PSA WPI Fast Release Protein Powder (dairy based) BN Pure Egg White Protein Powder (non-dairy based) Non-flavoured protein powders are very versatile in that you can add them...

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5 Reason to see a Bariatric Dietitian Before & After Weight Loss Surgery

Are you having or have you had weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery or metabolic surgery)? Making the decision to have surgery likely wasn’t one you made overnight, in fact you probably watched others who have had surgery and did your research. You may have spoken to others, read experiences on the surgery forums and spoken to your doctor or a few surgeons.  Weight loss surgery changes your life and you really need to be prepared for it physically, emotionally and mentally. So doing your research is important. But once you’ve done your research and got your surgeon, you may wonder if you really need to see a dietitian, especially if your surgeon hasn’t said anything about seeing...

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