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Is your Grazing Sabotaging your Weight Loss...?

After weight loss surgery especially early on, your food portion sizes can be tiny, you may or may not feel hungry and you likely aren't able to easily meet your nutrition targets without eating small regular meals during the day and supplementing. When you speak to a few people, your surgical team and get onto your favourite Facebook support group you may end up confused as to whether you should be eating 3 meals during the day, 4-6 meals or just grazing all day long. It may even seem like you are eating and drinking all day! (A strange phenomena since all your life the emphasis may have been to not eat much...)So what is it that you should be...

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5 Reason to see a Bariatric Dietitian Before & After Weight Loss Surgery

Are you having or have you had weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery or metabolic surgery)? Making the decision to have surgery likely wasn’t one you made overnight, in fact you probably watched others who have had surgery and did your research. You may have spoken to others, read experiences on the surgery forums and spoken to your doctor or a few surgeons.  Weight loss surgery changes your life and you really need to be prepared for it physically, emotionally and mentally. So doing your research is important. But once you’ve done your research and got your surgeon, you may wonder if you really need to see a dietitian, especially if your surgeon hasn’t said anything about seeing...

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