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The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau Post-Bariatric Surgery

There's not many things that can cause the frustration that is felt when your weight plateaus' post bariatirc surgery. You may have been tracking along nicely then suddenly despite changing nothing the weight loss stops. To add to the frustration is the fact that you know you're eating a lot less than you used to and you've been reading all those Facebook posts from people who seem to have doubled your weight loss in less time... #‎frustrated Here's some things to consider 1. First thing, expect a plateau at some stage. It is totally normal and almost everyone will get weeks where nothing happens or weight loss slows. It doesn't mean that you have failed or no more weight loss...

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Welcome to One Stop Bariatric Shop

Welcome to One Stop Bariatric Shop - the one stop shop for all your before and after surgery needs.  We know that the decision to have bariatric weight loss surgery isn't one taken lightly. It is a big decision and one that indeed changes your life.  You may have made this decision for various reasons and it's not always a straight path to reach your goal but we encourage you to keep going and never give up, we all have bends in our road.  Our aim at OSBS is to help support you on your journey by providing products that may help you at each stage. We will be increasing our product range as time goes on and welcome suggestions. We wish you all the...

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Vomiting Post-Bariatric Surgery

Do you vomit regularly post-surgery? No one wants to spend their days throwing up so if this is happening it is well worth investigating the potential causes. Vomiting is often, but not always, associated with eating inappropriately. When you first have surgery, it can be difficult to determine how much food is too much to satisfy your hunger so at times you end up overeating. However most of the time you learn rather quickly to detect when it's time to stop or put an unfinished meal aside. Often the best way to tackle this is to start by chewing your food well, keeping it moist and eating very slowly. Stop eating when you suspect you may have had enough, wait...

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