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5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Surgery isn't the 'Easy' Option

Have you heard people say that weight loss surgery is the 'easy' option when it comes to weight loss? Patients often tell me that they are told this and it can be a bit disheartening to heart because weight loss surgery is not the easy weight out and shouldn't be treated as the easy way out either. In fact the decision to have weight loss surgery is one of the biggest decisions of your life and having surgery is a real life changing experience. But why is surgery not the easy way out? Here's 5 good reasons. It's a major surgery. Weight loss surgery isn't just popping a few pills to help with your weight loss, major things are being...

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The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau Post-Bariatric Surgery

There's not many things that can cause the frustration that is felt when your weight plateaus' post bariatirc surgery. You may have been tracking along nicely then suddenly despite changing nothing the weight loss stops. To add to the frustration is the fact that you know you're eating a lot less than you used to and you've been reading all those Facebook posts from people who seem to have doubled your weight loss in less time... #ā€ˇfrustrated Here's some things to consider 1. First thing, expect a plateau at some stage. It is totally normal and almost everyone will get weeks where nothing happens or weight loss slows. It doesn't mean that you have failed or no more weight loss...

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