10 Ways to Rewards Yourself other than Food



Can you think of all the times you achieved something before surgery? It may have been that you finished school or a course, won some sort of competition or event, or you got promoted at work. Likely, 9 out of 10 times the reward involved a celebration with food whether it was going out to dinner, having cake or getting a box of chocolates. For some reason food seems to be both an essential for life but also a reward for achievement. 

But then you have bariatric surgery and food just isn’t the same anymore. Eating out isn’t what it used to be in that you can’t really eat much and have to be selective of your food choices. Having cake or chocolate no longer appeals or even if it does, your body may not react well or the portion is so small that it doesn’t feel like much of a reward… Sound familiar?

While food is comforting, and often a big part of celebration, it’s not the only way to reward yourself and really once it’s eaten, it’s gone…and the celebration is done! So, why not celebrate your achievement with something a bit more long lasting which doesn’t involve food or leave you feeling cheated in comparison to what you previously felt? Here’s 10 other ways to reward yourself:

  1. Get tickets to a concert, event or sports match
  2. Go to the movies or have a movie night at home
  3. Buy new clothes e.g. new dress or shirt
  4. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
  5. Get a new appliance e.g. something for the kitchen, garden or the tool shed
  6. Plan a trip away for the weekend or longer
  7. Go to a day spa or get a relaxing massage
  8. Get your hair done
  9. Get a manicure or pedicure
  10. Buy some jewellery

Whatever you decide to use as your new reward, make sure it’s something that you really want and will give you that little bit of happiness. While eating can be enjoyable, it’s just one aspect of many things in our life so use food for nourishment rather than something to make you feel rewarded. Use some of our ideas for rewards or make a list of your own, that way the next time you achieve something that you use to celebrate with food comes along, you can simply refer to your list for an alternative ‘present’. And who doesn’t love getting presents!