BN Cal - Chewable Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

BN Cal - Chewable Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

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Getting sufficient calcium after bariatric surgery (and also as we age) is crucial for development and maintenance of healthy teeth, bones and cardiovascular health. 

After your surgery, absorption of calcium is affected and often supplementation is necessary particularly when it is difficult to consume the amount of food needed to get adequate amounts of calcium daily. The recommended amount of calcium after bariatric surgery is between 1200 and 1500mg per day (1 cup of milk will give you 300mg, so you'd need a lot of milk!).

BN Cal it tastes like light chocolate and has the essential mineral used for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, it also helps your muscles and heart to operate efficiently.  

After bariatric surgery, levels of stomach acid is reduced so it is recommended to take a calcium citrate form of calcium supplement rather than carbonate as this doesn't require stomach acid for absorption. You should take a calcium supplement that also contains vitamin D as vitamin D aids absorption.

BN Cal Chewable Calcium & Vitamin D contains calcium citrate and vitamin D (in the Colecalciferol form of vitamin D) to meet your calcium needs.

BN Cal comes in versatile smaller does, so you can take regular doses to keep up your Calcium intake.

These are chewable tablets that have a creamy chocolate vanilla taste making it an enjoyable way to meet your Calcium and Vitamin D needs every day.