Bariatric Surgeon

If you are thinking of having bariatric weight loss surgery whether its the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lapband or others, it's essential to find a good bariatric surgeon that you feel comfortable with to discuss having the surgery. Ideally before you get to this point you have done your research and learnt what you need to know about the procedure and what it involves before and after surgery and in the long-term. This is an essential step as deciding to have bariatric surgery is a big and life changing decision and it's important to be be well informed. When doing your research make a big list of questions that you want to find answers to and take this in to your first appointment with your surgeon.

Need help finding a surgeon in Sydney? Two of the wonderful surgeons that we have worked with and had great feedback from patients include Dr Govind Krishna and Dr Fadil Khaleal. Contact details for both these surgeons are below:

Dr Govind Krishna

  • General & Upper GI Surgeon Specialising in Bariatric Surgery
  • Consults in: Liverpool, Fairfield, Campbeltown
  • Website:
  • Reception phone: (02) 97230550
  • Holds free bariatric surgery seminars every last Tuesday of the month at South West Private Hospital, Liverpool. Phone reception to enquire

Dr Fadil Khaleal

  • General & Upper GI Surgeon Specialising in Bariatric Surgery
  • Consults in: Penrith, Fairfield
  • Website coming soon. His patients have created a closed Facebook page called 'Sleeved by Dr K' which you can look for and ask to join
  • Reception phone: (02) 47218690
  • Holds free bariatric seminars from time to time, contact reception to learn when the next one is.