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This is a great pack containing a set of portion plate & bowl in either porcelain, and 5 fantastic books to support your journey after bariatric surgery. Learn more about each book below. This pack is great for those who'd like help to get their portions right after bariatric surgery and also want a guide to meal planning and recipes for each stage after surgery and a book all about the gastric sleeve.

Learn more about the books here: 


    • The Gastric Sleeve Guide (an essential guide to everything you need to know about your gastric sleeve when it comes to weight, things to expect along the journey, food, nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle. It's a must have!)
    • Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery (a comprehensive guide to all stages before and after surgery with meal plans and recipes for each stage)
    • Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Single Serves Recipe Book (a recipe book with delicious recipes you can make once on full solids post surgery)
    • Portion Perfection for Bariatrics (This book is divided into the meals and snacks with a menu for each. Just choose what you’d like to have from the menu, turn to the page and look at the pictures to see how much to serve to make up a diet that is 900 – 1100 Cals and the right volume for your surgery.)
    • Portion Perfection Healthy Snack Bible (after surgery you may be wondering what to have as great healthy snacks and how much to have, the healthy snack bible is a little essential guide to this that will help you get it right.)