Cyborg Sports Zero Protein Water Powder - 3 Flavours

Cyborg Sports Zero Protein Water Powder - 3 Flavours

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Cyborg Sports Zero Non-Dairy Protein Powder is a non-dairy collagen protein powder that is also lactose free. Each scoop contains 25g protein! Add to water to make a fruit flavoured or chocolate flavoured sugar-free protein cordial. All flavours can be added to water or milk or made into a smoothie.

This product is ideal for anyone but because it is non-dairy, it's great for those who cannot consume dairy or lactose.

If you struggle to reach your protein requirements or need extra, this product can help you boost your protein intake. It's ideal for those struggling to reach their protein targets or have increased protein needs e.g. post bariatric surgery or in those who exercise hard e.g. doing resistance weights training or intense sports / fitness training.

This product comes in 3 great flavours including:

    • Strawberry Kiwi (add to water and it's like a fruit flavoured sugar-free cordial)
    • Chocolate (add to milk or water)
    • Chocolate Honeycomb (add to milk or water)


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